Wings – Amour

1148 inc. VAT

Vermeil and onyx link to make this distinctive necklace. The piece is capped by a pure white bird perched in a gilded cage hanging below a CdG shield.  The sparkling diamond eyes of the hand carved Nuvory bird total 0,02 crt.




Most Couleurs de Géraldine jewelry is custom made – precisely as you imagine it. It will likely take at least 4 weeks for our artists to complete your jewelry. The email confirming your order will advise if your selection is custom made, and of an estimated shipping date.

This jewelry comes with a certificate card stating that there is no animal ivory present in any CdG jewelry. The carved material which resembles ivory in our jewelry is Nuvory, the nut of the South American Elephant Palm. We feature Nuvory as a compassionate, sustainable alternative to animal ivory. There are no restrictions on the transport, import or export of Nuvory.

Please contact us with any questions or special requests.

Additional information

Dimensions 900 mm
Precious metal