In Vogue

Irresistible to the eye, the In Vogue™ collection is modern, contemporary and stylish. Strikingly seductive, these pieces build on our heartfelt belief that ‘less is more’. With a range of shapes and gemstones, these four collections go everywhere and with everything.

La Tulipe … An homage to Holland’s iconic flower, diamonds hide inside these hand carved Nuvory™ tulips

La Rose … a handcarved Nuvory™ rose with a diamond heart completes these rings and earrings

Magic Wand … a magic baton topped with a sleek spear-tip shaped gemstone

Starry Night … a constellation of diamonds, topped with a spear-tip shaped gemstone

The In Vogue collection is produced in limited editions, and can be custom ordered with a range of shapes, stones and carvings for the cap. Available in yellow, white or rose gold.

She has that certain …. Je ne sais quoi