Primo Amore

Fall head over heels with…’Primo Amore’

I have a bit of a crush on this design. Three collections which are soothing, complete and complementary …perfectly matching one another as young hearts might.

Classico Collection … an antique look in an engraved setting

Liscio Collection … a modern interpretation – a sleek look with a smooth setting

Baroque Collection … Classico plus – adorned with an ornate bejeweled top

In all collections, the heart and the encircling drop are sculpted by hand from natural materials such as bone, wood, synthetic turtle and Nuvory™. The heart of the piece is a special stone or a bold hand-carved statement of color.

Primo Amore™ is produced in limited editions and can be custom ordered in varying styles, colors and materials.
Available in yellow, white or rose gold.