These beautiful tiny beings sit on their perch by your neck … looking out at the world. Surrounded by beauty, they are not caged, but stay with you by choice.

Five collections featuring lovebirds and owls… so fragile, yet so strong. Light, ethereal, fleeting.

Amour Collection … featuring a lovebird inside an elegant cage

Sagesse Collection … owls sheltering under the CdG shield

Jolie Collection … less is more – a lovebird amid the roses

Tendresse Collection … birds swinging beneath a four-petal flower adorned with a bow

Affection Collection … lovebirds sit happily upon their open perch

Crafted by master Italian artists from raw materials such as horn, shell, antique coral, bone and NuVory, the hand sculpted pieces found in the ‘Wings’ collection are true pieces of art.

The Wings collections are produced in limited editions, and can be custom ordered in varying styles, colors and materials. Available in yellow or rose gold.

No need to fly if freedom is all around