Celebrating 100 years of family legacy this holiday season


Couleurs de Géraldine announces a holiday promotion to honor and commemorate family heritage in jewelry and fine arts. 

In the fall of 1917, a young goldsmith walked into the Dutch Jewelry Assay Office and registered his initials – AvA – as his responsibility-mark.
Stamped in each of his works until his retirement in 1965, the AvA mark was his guarantee of quality as well as his signature as an artist.

The name of this 24 year-old jeweler was Abraham van Amerom. He was following in the footsteps of his father, ‘procuratie houder’ at the prestigious Dutch silver house van Kempen en Begeer. And one hundred years later, his granddaughter Géraldine continues the family tradition as the jewelry artist behind Couleurs de Géraldine.

In researching this history, Géraldine wondered how best to honor this family legacy. When she realized that her grandfather’s initials are also a reference to birds – one of her key inspirations as an artist – the answer became obvious. (Think ‘aviary’ or ‘aviation’.)

In honor of her grandfather, Géraldine has adopted ‘AvA’ as her own. And in celebration of the 100th anniversary of her grandfather’s mark, Couleurs de Géraldine will donate €100 for each work of jewelry including Nuvory which ordered through our web-boutique before midnight on December 31, 2017. Donations will reinforce CdG’s NiNi campaign (www.nuvory.org) by supporting conservation and community organizations working to protect elephants and their habitats. NiNi, which stands for ‘Nut Ivory is Not Ivory’, works to eliminate animal ivory from jewelry, fine arts and luxury brands and to promote Nuvory as the natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal ivory.

Please join us in commemorating heritage and celebrating family traditions. And if you’d like to give a
Christmas present to an elephant … it is as easy as ordering Couleurs de Géraldine jewelry by New Year’s Eve.

Remember … The Most Beautiful Ivory Grows on Trees !


NiNi is a campaign to eliminate animal ivory from jewelry, fine arts and luxury brands and to promote Nuvory as the natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal ivory.  

Standing for ‘Nut Ivory is Not Ivory’, NiNi was started in 2016 by Couleurs de Geraldine – CdG – the Netherlands based fine jewelry house
known for classic and contemporary works of wearable art. 


Nuvory – The Most Beautiful Ivory Grows on Trees !

The idea for NiNi started several years ago when CdG founder Géraldine van Amerom was experimenting with new materials for her jewelry designs.
She discovered that the dried nut of a South American palm tree – sometimes called tagua – was a perfect substitute for animal ivory.
She then realized that using the palm nut could also help save rainforests, create sustainable development in local communities and support traditional artisans who craft the ‘Nut Ivory’ into gorgeous jewelry.
“I called this magical material ‘Nuvory’ and started using whenever I could. Nuvory created positive outcomes in so many ways, and we saw great potential to engage the jewelry, art and fashion worlds in dealing with a complex ‘real world’ issue.”

Nuvory grows naturally on palm trees indigenous to the rain forests of Ecuador, Colombia and northwestern Brazil.
The Elephant Palm grows wild, and its fruit – Nut Ivory – is harvested without any disruption to the trees or the ecosystem. Once dried, the nuts are denser than wood, but not quite as hard as stone. Sort of like ivory. They can then be cut, carved, dyed a variety of colors and polished. CdG has found the result to be perfect for its jewelry and works of wearable art and features Nuvory proudly across its core collections, as well as in a dedicated NiNi collection.

What does NiNi do ?  Working to #ChoketheIvoryTrade

Because stopping the ivory trade is about Conservation, Advocacy, Substitution and Education, NiNi’s focus is on ‘making the CASE’.

NiNi complements existing efforts to save the elephants through conservation (supporting the front-line fight against poachers aswell as the community groups working to preserve elephant habitats), advocacy (joining the voices lobbying for pro-elephant policies and demanding their enforcement) and education (working to ensure every consumer understands the murderous impact of buying animal ivory).

But what makes NiNi truly unique is its focus on substitution – promoting Nuvory as a natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal ivory.
Visit www.nuvory.org to learn more about Nuvory, NiNi and its activities.

More information: nuvory.org/faq

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