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About  CdG

What we do isn’t alchemy, but it is still magical !

At Couleurs de Géraldine™, our goal is to produce fantastic jewelry in the most responsible, respectful way.
This is why we support healthy work environments, the use of environmentally sound materials
which are not sourced in conflict zones and have chosen to partner with artists rather than manufacturers.

And why we proudly feature Nuvory™ – a renewable resource which generates income for local producers,
provides incentives for rain forest conservation, can help protect elephants  …
and which also happens to be very beautiful.  It is the natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal ivory.

We believe that when you buy CdG™ jewelry, you are not just buying an object, but rather a
precious emotion captured in precious materials. To transform those special feelings into reality,
Géraldine van Amerom channels her passion into designs which are then handcrafted by master artisans
mixing ancient traditions, Italian quality and the latest technologies.

The result is fine jewelry that is both a style statement and a work of art – classic
yet contemporary pieces of lasting value which spark intrigue and a sense of wonder.

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