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Be the reason someone smiles today

At Couleurs de Géraldine, we recognize that we are blessed to be able to share our art and passion, and are painfully aware of those less fortunate – for whom jewelry must seem an unimaginable luxury. Couleurs de Géraldine is committed to doing the right thing – working to heal the world through beauty and through action.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality jewelry, infused with sophistication, integrity and a seductive modern edge. Building on our core principles of simplicity and elegance, we aim to offer products which combine the privilege of owning works of lasting value with the pleasure of wearable, stylish, fun jewelry.

Our Values
Our values are fundamental to everything we do.
Our aesthetic values are Simplicity, Elegance, Warmth, Uniqueness and Harmony.
Our business values are Quality, Value, Responsibility and Integrity.
Our heartfelt values are Passion, Confidence, Joy, Faith and Sharing

Shared commitment to community and to sustainability
Our ethos is to produce the highest quality jewelry in the most responsible way, respecting a commitment to community and to sustainability. This is why Couleurs de Géraldine supports healthy work environments, uses environmentally sound materials and donates part our profits to deserving conservation and community groups. Why we support artists and their traditions by crafting jewelry in ateliers, rather than in factories. Why we sponsor NiNi – our campaign to eliminate animal ivory in jewelry, fine art and luxury brands. And why we feature Nuvory™ as the natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal tusks.

Nuvory™ – Our natural, sustainable, compassionate alternative to animal ivory
An important feature of our commitment to sustainability and conservation is our promotion of nut ivory™ – which we call Nuvory™ – a renewable resource which can generate income for local producers and traditional artists, provide incentives for rain forest conservation, protect elephants … and which also happens to be very beautiful. Learn more about Nuvory here.

Pay it Forward
Couleurs de Géraldine has pledged part of its profits to assist worthy causes. Groups we have recently supported include Virunga National Park, an international conservation organization working for stability through sustainable development in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Virunga Yeti ABSL, a Congolese NGO doing grassroots outreach in communities around Virunga National Park and the earthquake recovery efforts in Italy and Ecuador.

Special Thanks
We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped Couleurs de Géraldine become a reality. In particular, Géraldine would like to thank …

My family, for being constant sources of joy and inspiration
My loyal customers, for their support over the years
My dear friends, who have believed in this crazy project and supported it in so many ways
Myriam and Pietro, for sharing their craft, energy and enthusiasm
My daughters Sophia and Juliette, who are living proof that beauty is not just skin deep
My husband, for everything.

CdG would like to acknowledge the following photographers and artists whose work appears on this site:

Elselien Van der Wal –
Lot Fongers –
Jean Pierre Belonie – Facebook: Igor Tollo
Djanou Ferrier –
Bert ten Brink –
Hoo Gan Tan –

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