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The Creative Process

Couleurs de Géraldine works with artists, not manufacturers
Your jewelry is produced in ateliers, not factories

At first, Géraldine made all of CdG’s pieces herself. Unable to keep up with demand, she launched what
became a worldwide search for a partner to help transform her designs into reality. Her quest led to jewelry
makers in Bali, India, Turkey, Hong Kong, France, Israel, USA and the Netherlands. But none of them
seemed right … too industrial, different artistic vision, too commercial, discomforting conditions for workers,
lack of a ‘click’.

Finally, hidden in a small medieval town in the hills of Italy, she met a team of talented and dedicated
artists. Sharing an artistic sensibility and equally demanding in terms of integrity and quality, a creative
partnership began to form.

Géraldine now travels regularly to Italy to work on CdG’s collections – overseeing the entire process from initial
sketch to finished work. Gaining inspiration and energy from their shared enthusiasm, Géraldine supervises the
realisation of her designs by master craftsmen.

Working in this way permits Géraldine to show her respect for craftsmanship, for artists and for traditions.
It allows her to support people who share her passion for beauty and for jewelry. And with an Italian
grandmother, it is no surprise that she found a match in the land of ‘la dolce vita’.

Daring creativity combined with traditional Italian expertise

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