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Fine Craftsmanship and Fine Jewelry – a Family Tradition

Born within view of the Mediterranean, Géraldine van Amerom has been deeply influenced by the cultural influences

of her Italian, French and Dutch families and by the traditions they carried from generation to generation.

Her mother’s family moved from Italy after World War I. Starting from nothing – but skilled, hard-working
and talented in couture – they opened Chemiserie Vieillard-Baron in Nice. Passionate about the ‘art’
of making shirts and blouses, they became known for the details and craftsmanship of the custom-made
creations they sold in their boutique on Rue de la République.

On the Dutch side, her great grandfather was ‘procuratie houder’ at the famous silver house van Kempen
en Begeer in Schoonhoven. Her grandfather was a jeweler and a goldsmith whose creative spirit has
had a deep impact on her. Her grandmother was always perfectly coiffed, impeccably dressed and always
wearing pearls. Aunt Annemarie worked with antiques and jewelry in eastern Holland, and always made a big
impression on young Géraldine with her glamorous style and her collection of beautiful masterpieces.
With this family history, it is no surprise that Géraldine has found her artistic expression in jewelry,
art and fashion … It is part of her DNA.

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